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DSLR shot of a little green spider in it's spider web. I found this animal by accident when I walked on the edge of a meadow. I was fascinated by the setup, how the spider integrated the web into the curved leaf and the perspective that the damaged leaf offered. It was windy most the time. So it took me a few days to take the shot and I was worried and excited at the same time, if the home would stay intact or the wind or any other force would blow it away or destroy it. A day after this shot it finally happened. The home was destroyed, the spider was gone. All that was left of this beauty was the shot I took.
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Green spider in its spiderweb in a green leaf -digital image-
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Digital image of a little green spider in a spiderweb in a green leaf. Liscening available.
Animal photography of a green spider at home. Buy and liscense.