Business woman portrait

Removal of hair in the middle of the face and skin imperfections.

Color grading
Overall color granding to soften skin and make face more appealing.

Photographer: mentatdgt

Bond haired woman with green eyes

Skin retouching
Basic removal of skin imperfections.

Color grading
Softening the skin with an overall color grade

Photographer: Rene Asmussen

Portrait of woman with large round eyeglass frame

Face retouching
Descreet removal of skin imperfections like blackheads, birthmarks and pimples.

Color grading
Overall color grading to make the portrait more appealing and less dull.

Photographer: Victor Miyata

Young blond woman portrait photo - retouching and grading

The comparison shows the process of removing some skin and other imperfections. Pimples, blackheads, birthmarks and other imperfections were removed or smoothed.

Overall grading to give the photo focus, make it more appealing, less dull and underexposured.

Photographer: pixabay